Wool and The Gang

Wool and the Gang is a DIY fashion brand, founded by Lisa Sabrier in December 2008 – the story of a family, a craft passed down from many generations, re-invented, self taught, a bond between gang members, a gang of knitters, guys and girls from 7 to 77 years old, all tied together by a piece of yarn…we offer DIY knitting kits and beautiful finished pieces hand-knitted in Peru.

Wool and the Gang offers handmade knitwear alongside Do-IT-yourself knitting kits, both featuring high-quality yarns that we source from Peru. Now the collection has grown to over fifty designs, each embodying our unique vision of creating knitwear basics that range from accessories to outerwear, simple enough to make at home. From knitting parties and events in Paris, London, Tokyo, to the community around our Soho Store, our Gang is Global.

For More Visit www.woolandthegang.com.