(sustainable) Fashion’s Night Out

We have put the term “sustainable” in parenthesis because this word itself is not the idea we are choosing. We may identify with the term sustainable but we also wish the word were not needed.

Fashion should not need a qualifier, it ought to be enough.   If we deem something “fashion-able” we should expect that it intends to have a positive impact.  The designers, the manufacturers, the retailers, the consumers and everyone in between must elect this expectation for themselves and demand it be met. We desire to spend our energy working for as opposed to fighting against. We celebrate materials instead of apologizing for them. If we intend to see a healthier planet then we choose not to pollute its rivers with toxic chemicals and dyes. We do not exploit ideas or people, fair trade is innate. We do not reuse waste, we design outside the existence of waste. We ask questions of products to determine if they meet our values.  This is what we intend to make fashion-able. We invite you to join us.