Love is Mighty

“Growing up in India, I was surrounded with beautiful intricately hand-worked products like baskets, mats, jewelry and embroidered clothing. All were masterfully created from age-old techniques which spanned the centuries; crafts which previous to industrialization, supported nomadic living in remote areas and autonomous communities.” 

-Monisha Raja, founder of LOVE IS MIGHTY

LOVE IS MIGHTY proudly works one-on-one with artisans, at the moment with the nomadic Rabari women, collaborating on designs and developing samples for footwear using mostly natural fibres and natural dyes. LOVE IS MIGHTY equally exists from a desire to create beauty and a harmonious world without harming any living beings. To this end, LOVE IS MIGHTY uses no animal products and utilizes bio-degradable and environmentally conscious materials wherever possible.

All LOVE IS MIGHTY shoes are handmade at a 100% vegan factory using cruelty-free materials. The debut LOVE IS MIGHTY collection also features vintage fabrics and handcrafted elements from a tribal artists’ collective in India. Monisha hand-picks one-of-a-kind antique, irreplaceable Indian tapestries (Some of which are close to 100 years old) and places them in accordance with the pattern of the shoe and bag to best feature the fabric – showcasing an exceptional combination of ancient mastery and modern design.

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