Afia is a sustainable women’s clothing line is sourced and sewn in Ghana, West Africa. This social business facilitates growth by connecting the textile and fashion production industries in Ghana, Africa with the American retail market.

Afia values the craft behind every step of the production process: textiles are sourced from small vendors in Ghana immediately impacted by our bulk orders, and the pieces are handsewn by a women’s cooperative in a┬árural village. Afia is an accessible and stylish option for supportinghandcrafted goods, fair wage labor, and international collaboration.

The colors, patterns, and motifs used in West African textiles are a visual representation of history, proverbs, moral values, and social codes. The coined “urban indigenous” style of Afia is a fusion of traditional, vibrant West African aesthetics with American trends.

Afia is about style: an attitude, a mentality, a lifestyle that you express through the way you carry and adorn yourself. Enjoy your life, enjoy your body.

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