A.D.O Organics

Anjelika Krishna’s launched a.d.o in fall of 2008, recognizing a lack of up‐to‐date and modern organic clothing without chemical dyes. a.d.o (pronounced ‘ado’ as in much ado…) stands for anjelika dreams organic, is a comfortable, breathable ready‐to‐wear collection that’s revolutionizing the future of sustainable fashion‐‐not only in its designs but non‐chemical dyeing, fair trade sourcing and production methods.

a.d.o integrates 5000 years old Indian tradition of Ayurvedic herb dye with modern, fluid and feminine design aesthetic. By using only Ayurvedic herb dye, a.d.o spares the environment of harmful chemical residue. It is a closed‐loop dyeing process whereby the dye waste is used as garden compost.

Anjelika extensively travels to India and diligently researches and uses a variety of fabrics such as organic cotton, Ahimsa (peace) silk and organic wool. To maintain utmost quality, every fabric goes through wash testing to check for color fastness and durability. The organic fabrics are typically sourced from small handloom workshops that adhere to fair trade principles and lend a holistic environment for the workers and their families.

a.d.o’s fair trade philosophy has extended Krishna’s efforts to save the domestic fashion community as well. Most of a.d.o clothing is locally produced in the New York garment district where it is crafted with highest precision and packaged using recycled materials. Every detail in crafting the clothing is taken into account – even trims such as buttons, laces and drawstrings are recycled, organic or natural in origin. Our mission for a.d.o, is to be a carbon neutral company.

The ‘a.d.o’ woman is one with her community, active, and wants the very best for her family, her surroundings, the body and the soul. We hope you enjoy wearing our clothes as much as we have enjoyed creating them!


For more visit www.adoclothing.com.